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The Forest Hills Security Program (FHSP) is an Enhanced Neighborhood Patrol (ENP) program funded entirely by residents. 

The program has been in place since 2003 and has reduced annual crime in our neighborhood by 64% since its inception. We have a tremendous team of off-duty uniformed officers in marked police vehicles patrolling our neighborhood during every week of the year. These patrols are only present due to the generous contributions made by Forest Hills neighbors.

The program discourages criminal activity by providing a protective outer layer of defense for our community.

Specifically the FHSP program provides the following services:
Improves your safety while outside your home within our neighborhood
Monitors suspicious persons and vehicles
Helps protect your home, vehicles and other valuables from theft and vandalism
Checks your home while you are away for an extended period (Home Watch)
Broadcasts crime alerts
Positions our neighborhood as proactive against crime, reducing vulnerability

If you see a patrol car in our neighborhood, it is likely due to the Forest Hills Security Program.

For residents whose membership dues are current, you receive an additional benefit of the Home Watch service.

fhspenp@aol.com for more information on this service.