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Forest Hills Security Reporting Crime

Reporting a Crime

1. Call 911. See something.....Say something.  If you see a suspicious person, automobile or incident, do not hesitate to call 911.  If you can do it safely provide detailed descriptions and license numbers.  Something small to you can be a  missing piece in solving a crime.  Your report goes into the Forest Hills records to create a history.   The police department look to this info for trends, times that crimes or incidents have occurred and for ways to help our neighborhood. 

2. Report to The Forest Hills Security Program fhspenp@aol.com.  (Always call 911 first please) Your report goes into the neighborhood patrol logbook giving valuable information to the officers when they are patrolling Forest Hills.  If one of our FHSP police officers is on duty when the 911 call comes in,  they will see your 911 dispatch call and be there in minutes. 

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