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Forest Hills Security Home Watch

Current contributors to the Forest Hills Security Program can take advantage of this service with uniformed off-duty Dallas Police Department officers checking your home while you are away.

This service informs our police patrol that your home will be unattended and provides an extra eye, a lending hand and professional expertise, plus that peace of mind to the resident.

The resident accepts that there are no guarantees to the number or frequency of checks or that the check will be performed when requested. The Forest Hills Security Program and their board members as well as the Dallas Police Department and their officers assume no liability or guarantees regarding this courtesy service. 

Residents who request this service give consent for officers to be on their property and to remove and dispose of any newspapers, fliers, etc. found on the resident’s property that would suggest the homeowner is away.  Officers may call emergency contacts if they observe a delivery company has left important packages. 

Every effort is made to insert requests into the Patrol Log Book as soon as possible. To insure your request is included, please attempt to submit one week in advance. 

There are no limits on the number of Home Watches that a resident can request in a year. The length of a Home Watch check is limited to a maximum of 21 days. If the residence will be unattended longer than 21 days, please contact fhspenp@aol.com 

If you are using pet sitters, lawn services, contractors, housekeepers or neighbors checking your home, please identify each one of them on the form. 

If your plans change, please contact fhspenp@aol.com

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